Vinaigrette with a spark of cider

The chef Aleksander Trivedi tried our brand new cider and got the inspiration to his spring recipe collection from that. Pick up the delicious recipes!

- Happy Joe Organic Wild’s fresh apple flavor fits, I think, perfectly together with stodgy cheeses, that’s why I decided to use it as an ingredient of the vinaigrette. The fresh taste of vinaigrette puts a final touch to the fresh, spring-like dish made of salad and goat cheese toast.

Happy Joe Vinaigrette

½ bottle Happy Joe Wild Organic cider
2 tbsp white vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil

Put the cider and white wine vinegar in a pot. Boil the mixture until there are about 3–4 tablespoon left and lift the whole to cool from the stove. When the mixture is slightly lukewarm, add olive oil and mix. If the composition of the vinaigrette feels thick, you can thin it with the cider.

Fresh salad and goat cheese toast

1 toast
1 tomato
1/3 goat cheese
Handful of cauliflower buds
Handful of bush beans
Handful of radishes
Handful of corn salad

Put the water to boil and add plenty of salt. When the water boils, add bush beans to the pot. When bush beans are almost done, add radishes and cauliflowers. Lift them from boiling water to a strainer and place it in icy water to stop the ripening. Slice the tomato, place the slices on the toast and set goat cheese on top. Put toasts in the oven under the grill resistor until toasts have a beautiful color.
Wash the corn salad and dry it. Apportion vegetables and corn salad on a plate, pour Happy Joe Vinaigrette on top, place the roasted goat cheese toast next to the salad and enjoy!

Recipe and images: Alexander Trivedi


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